I am an avid sewist whose been playing with fabric since an early age. Luckily my grandmother had patience with my constant jamming of machine bobbins as a kid and guided me through many a project, from doll blankets to human blankets!

My skills have improved since then, and I've spent the last decade expanding my range of media, from knitting and crochet to handspinning and handweaving. Prior to Urban Spools, I spent three years behind the dye pots of an independant fiber company, learning everything I could about sheep breeds, fiber composition, and textile creation. While my personal work focuses on Modern quilting and its associated aesthetic, my influences stretch from Renaissance paintings to contemporary outsider art. Anna Williams, Jen Kingwell, and Jay McCarroll number just a few of my textile heros. Come in to the shop and chat with me about anything from sheep & spinning to handpiecing! I love to share my experience and learn from you about yours!



I love expressing myself, and enjoy a number of creative outlets, including baking, painting, working with paper, and doing needlework and sewing. No matter what the medium, I love creating with my hands! When I was young, my mother taught me to needlepoint, embroider, and sew clothing. My father and grandmother fostered my creativity in the kitchen. I didn’t really learn about quilting until college, when I took a textiles class. Even though I was intrigued, quilting took a back seat to printmaking and my love of paper while I was earning my degrees. Eventually, however, quilting, sewing, and needlework found their way back into my life.

If I’m not at Urban Spools, you can find me teaching at Wade College or making something in my studio or kitchen!


Linda Tucker

I am from Long Beach, California and was a social worker for 25 years.  I worked with the mentally ill population for years and started working with the HIV/AIDS community in West Hollywood in the 1980's.  I decided at the ripe young age of fifty to join the Peace Corps and was in Malaur, Africa for 27 months.  I continued my career with the government until I retired in November of 2015.

I took my first sewing class in the 10th grade.  I made my first pajama bottoms and an apron.  I then took my first quilting class for $10.00 at Long Beach Parks and Recreation for a 6 week class and made a log cabin quilt.  I was hooked and have been sewing ever since!  I made all of my maternity clothes and my son's p.j. bottoms until they were in high school. 

I have continued to sew and I love fabric and the entire process of making a quilt.