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Urban Spools Skill Levels for Classes

  • Never sewn before
  • Doesn’t own a machine – or owns but never taken out of the box
  • Thread – what’s that?
  • Has completed Intro to Sewing or Equivalent
  • Can thread a sewing machine without assistance
  • Can wind a bobbin
  • Knows how to adjust tension
  • Owns a sewing machine or is planning on buying one
Advanced Beginner
  • Meets Beginner qualifications
  • Confident with a rotary cutter
  • Understands different fabrics and their uses
  • Familiar with interfacings and stabilizers
  • Can put in a zipper with confidence
  • Owns a sewing machine
  • Meets Advanced Beginner qualifications
  • Has completed several projects at home
  • Understands how to read a pattern