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Urban Spools + DFW Sewing Relief

In an effort to mobilize as many home sewists as possible and to get masks to our medical communities swiftly, Urban Spools is pairing up with DFW Sewing Relief.  This local organization has over 1,100 volunteers working hard to make kits, sew masks, and distribute them to our medical facilities, first responders, hospices, etc. 

The DFW Sewing Relief website has information about how to volunteer, the approved pattern for their masks, a submission form to request masks for your organization or facility in need, and other helpful information.  They have volunteer roles that go beyond just sewing, so please share their page with your friends and family who are willing to lend a helping hand.  We appreciate all of your support.
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                                                        Content last updated: July 15, 2020

How It Works

DFW Sewing Relief is recruiting volunteers to make masks, prepare kits, pick up and drop off donations, and more.  These masks are 100% cotton, sewn by volunteers, and are not intended to replace N-95 masks. They are only to be used to extend the life of existing gear or to offer some protection when nothing else is available.

They have Mask Kits ready with pre-cut fabric and other materials you will need to make the masks.  These kits are free, but they are not for personal use.  You are expected to complete and return any mask kits that you take, so that they may be distributed to medical professionals and first repsonders.  Additionally, you can make masks with supplies you already have at home, as long as you use the pattern specified on the DFW Sewing Relief website.

The organization is commited to following state and local guidelines for social distancing.  There are contact-free pick up and drop off locations throughout the metroplex.  

Click here to volunteer to sew masks.

Click here to volunteer to assemble kits.

Who Will Receive the Masks?

DFW Sewing Relief has assembled a list of crucial organizations, including medical facilities, first responders, and hospices through the metroplex.  They are accepting requests from facilities in need, and are doing their very best to fulfill all requests.  Click here to request masks for your facility.  

Mask Infomation

DFW Sewing Relief has worked in conjunction with medical professionals to select the pattern that is most effective and efficient for the needs of the community. 

PLEASE NOTE: This pattern is different that the pattern and video posted previously on Urban Spools' website and social media

The DFW Sewing Relief mask requires 100% cotton fabric, fabric ties, and pipe cleaner or craft wire for the nose piece.  The organization is providing kits with all supplies, including pre-cut fabric.  You will just need a sewing machine.

Click here for the mask tutorials and updated patterns.

In an effort to streamline the process and to guarantee the effectiveness of the masks they distribute, DFW Sewing Relief is asking that you only sew masks with their pattern.  However, they do realize that many people began sewing masks before their pattern was released, so they will accept masks you made previously as well.  Click here to donate masks.

Need More Help?

Urban Spools is offering sewing and pattern support.  If you have technical questions about the pattern or the construction process, e-mail us at

Our sister store, Mr. Sewing Machine, is offering sewing machine support and free machine diagnostics to DFW Sewing Relief Volunteers.  To contact us about machine support, email

Thank you to all of the volunteers who are donating their time and energy to support this effort.