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HQ Infinity 26

  • Bobbin-thread cutter
  • Easy-Touch Tension™ with stored presets (Patent Pending)
  • Integrated micro handles
  • Quilt-view camera with Quilters Eye technology
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HQ 20 Amara

  • 20" of Brighly Lit Throat Space
  • 10' or 12' Studio 2 Frame
  • Two modes of stitch regulation
  • Pinpoint Needle Laser
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  • 10" color touch screen computer mounted on your HQ quilting machine
  • view and manipulate designs right on the screen
  • resize, rotate and repeat designs to fit specific areas
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HQ 24 Fusion

  • 24" throat space for your largest quilting projects
  • Two modes of stitch regulation
  • 12' Studio Frame
  • Thread break sensor
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HQ Sweet Sixteen Sit Down Machine

  • A Full 16" of throat space and over 8" of vertical depth
  • Stitching speeds of up to 1500 stitches per minute
  • Tru-Stitch option - stitch regulation for the Sweet Sixteen
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HQ Simply Sixteen

  • 1800 Stitches per minute
  • Handifeet Mount
  • Two modes of HQ Stitch Regulation
  • Consistent Stitch Quality from 4 to 18 stitches per inch
  • 5 ft Free Standing frame
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Michelle's relationship with Handi Quilter began in 2010. She had been quilting large quilts (queen size) on her domestic sewing machine for ten years. While at a quilt show, she saw a Handi Quilter booth and noticed a "sit down" quilting machine. She loves to say that piecing a quilt is a means to get to the quilting! But, years of pushing large quilts through a really tiny throat space had begun to take the joy out of the free-motion quilting she had always loved. The Sweet Sixteen caught her eye and she sat down to play at the invitation of the Handi Quilter Rep in the booth. Well, she knew right then and there that she would own one of these machines one day.

The next year at the Dallas Quilt Show, she purchased one of these machines and a few months later noticed that Handi Quilter was asking for submissions in a promotion called My HQ Story. She was thoroughly enjoying the Sweet Sixteen and wrote up her story and submitted it. A couple of weeks later, she received a call that she had been selected!

Part of the My HQ Story program was a three day trip to the Salt Lake City headquarters of Handi Quilter. All of the people selected for this marketing program were there and they were treated to a three day training retreat on the Handi Quilter machines, along with great food, wonderful gifts of Handi Quilter accessories and new friendships were formed.

During that trip, Michelle became extremely impressed with Handi Quilter as a company. The attendees were given a tour of the factory where the machines were made and met many of the employees. Fast forward to last year when Urban Spools was born and Michelle purchased a Handi Quilter Fusion 24 and fell in love with long-arm quilting. Early this year, she and Glen made a decision to become Handi Quilter Reps and be able to offer these wonderful machines to Dallas area quilters.