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Introductory Classes

From sewing to skill building, our introductory classes offer a starting point for everyone's creative journey in sewing. Expand your skills to expand your potential.

Intro to Sewing

Learn the basics from winding bobbins, thread a machine, and how to use basic sewing machine feet while creating a cute project.
3 hours

Intro to Sergers

Learn how to thread your serger, set tensions, and create a 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, rolled hem and more!
3 hours

Intro to Baby Lock Sewing Machines

Learn about Baby Lock sewing and quilting machines. This class goes beyond the basics for an in-depth review of capabilities.
2 hours

Intro to Garment Sewing

Intro to Garment Sewing

Learn how to take measurements and how to select fabric and patterns from indie to commercial types. Covers basic supplies and proper usage.
3 hours

Introduction to sewing with knits

Intro to Sewing with Knits

Learn the differences between knits and woven fabrics and how to work with knit fabrics while making a t-shirt.
3 hours

Introduction to Quilting Level 1

Intro to Quilting Level 1

As part of a two class series, learn the essentials of quilting from fabric selection, rotary cutting, and piecing.
3 hours

Kids Intro To Sewing

Kids Intro To Sewing

Designed for kids ages 8 - 15. Learn the basics of using a sewing machine from winding a bobbin, threading, general maintenance, and using basic sewing machine feet.
3 hours

Kids Introduction to Quilting Level 1

Kids Intro to Quilting Level 1

Designed for kids ages 10-16. Two class series covering the essentials of quilting from fabric selection, cutting, and piecing.
6 hours

Introduction to Paper Piecing

Intro to Paper Piecing

Paper piecing offers precise points and angles without having to measure. Learn this technique and a few tips and tricks.
3 hours

Introduction to English Paper Piecing

Intro to English Paper Piecing

Learn this handiwork technique and tips and tricks. Includes everything needed to complete one block of the Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.
3 hours

Introduction to Embroidery

Intro to Embroidery

Learn five basic embroidery stitches, supplies, transfer methods, finishing methods and more.
3 hours

Introduction to Free Motion Quilting

Intro to Free Motion Quilting

Learn how to quilt your quilt top using a home sewing machine. Covers batting, basting the quilt, and techniques.
3 hours

Introduction to Longarm Quilting

Intro to Longarm Quilting

Learn how to load a quilt onto a longarm frame, basic machine operation, and technique pratice.
3 hours

Introduction to Machine Embroidery

Intro to Machine Embroidery

Learn hooping techniques, how to pick the best stabilizer, threads, and the basics of digitizing.
3 hours