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Kids Classes

Who says only the adults get to have all the fun!? From After School to Spring Break classes, we love nurturing innovation and creativity with our youngest Sewists. For Ages 9 - 12 Years Old

Intro to Sewing for Ages 9 - 12

Intro to Sewing for Ages 9 - 12

This class is the perfect start for our young Sewists who are just getting started in sewing.

3 hours

Afterschool Beginner Sewing Club, Ages 9 - 12

Afterschool Beginner Sewing Club for Ages 9 - 12

Each week, practice new skills in sewing by creating beginner level sewing projects.

1.5 hours per session, 4 times a month

Afterschool Advanced Sewing Club, Ages 9 - 12

Afterschool Advanced Sewing Club for Ages 9 - 12

For confident Sewists, it's time to venture into more complex sewing projects to bring your creativity to a new level.

1.5 hours per session, 4 times a month