Less is More - Modern Quilt Design Class

Who isn't afraid of negative space, but in a modern quilt, if carefully constructed, with color and texture, it is what makes the design so appealing to the eye.

There is inspiration all around, everywhere we look. We see beautiful buildings, an old door, the lines on the road, the shadows created by the sun, paintings in a gallery, the list goes on. But how can we take these inspirational observations and make them into a unique quilt?

In this class, we will learn how to develop a modern quilt from a creative idea, choose a colour scheme, select interesting fabrics and experiment with techniques to construct your own quilt. Lets explore! using your ideas and see how we can move from an idea to your own quilt.

Supply list to follow soon

Gillian Golborne

Less is More - Modern Quilt Design Class

$ 75.00