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Basic Curtains

Exercise your interior design muscles by learning how to make curtains for the windows in your room. This class provides you an actual tabletop window to dress in two styles, tab top, and rod pocket. After this class you will be able to go home and calculate how much fabric to measure, cut and hem for your specific window.

Intro to Sewing 2.0

Have you taken Intro to Sewing and looking for a project to start next? In this class, we will create a tote to put all your new skills into practice.

Cloth Gift Wraps

Do you know much of the gift wrapping paper is not recyclable? Neither is plastic tape! Join us in class to learn how to make a cloth gift wrap that can be tied to carry gifts and reused over and over again.

Dec 9
Intro to Garment Sewing, Part 2: Reading Patterns
Dec 9
Haralson Crossbody Bag
Dec 10
Intro to Sewing