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Share The Joy

Baby Lock Joy

The Baby Lock Joy is a perfect entry-level sewing machine that is easy to use, but still has enough power and functionality to explore a world of creativity!  The artists of Urban Spools Sewing Lounge have curated a series of beginner-level projects to showcase the features of the Joy and the amazing creations it can accomplish.  We hope to inspire your own sewing adventure with us.  As always, if you have any questions, we would love to assist you with your creative endeavors.

Most people buying the Baby Lock Joy sewing machine are new to sewing and need more than just a sewing machine to get started. There are two Genuine Collection Kits available for a new Sewist - the Genuine Collection Quilting Kit or the Genuine Collection Sewing Kit.

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Quilting Kit

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Quilting Kit

Each kit is put together with a beginning quilter or crafter in mind.  The Quilting Kit consists of a Cutting Mat, Ruler, Sew Easy Rotary Cutter, Klasse Needle Value Assortment Eight Packs of 5 Needles, Cotona 50 Spool white thread, Cotona 50 Spool gray thread, Cotona 50 Spool off white, and Dual Seam Fix.

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Sewing Kit

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Sewing Kit

The Sewing Kit consists of a Rose Gold Scissor Set, Rose Gold Tape Measure, Two Marking Pencils, Rose Gold Pins, Klasse Needle Value Assortment Eight Packs of 5 Needles, Dual Seam Fix, Aerofil 400m Spool White Thread, Aerofil 400m Spool Black Thread, and Aerofil 400m Spool Gray Thread.  Either kit is available with the purchase of the Baby Lock Joy to help you get started sewing, crafting, and quilting.

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Thread Kit

Baby Lock Genuine Collection Thread Kit

Also available with the purchase of a Baby Lock Joy is the Genuine Collection Thread Kit with 18 spools of thread in popular colors.  Each spool is high quality Madeira thread to prevent thread breaks and debris from collecting in your machine.

Inspiring Projects for the Baby Lock Joy

Fabric Storage Cube

Our Kids Summer Camps are filling up quickly! Kristal made this sunny little storage cube for a camp project. She used the Baby Lock Joy to see if it could handle going through thick layers of cotton and foam stabilizer. No problem! The bright, cheery fabrics are from Moda and Windham Fabrics, and the cube is sewn with Madiera thread from the Genuine Collection Thread Kit. Kristal used the Chaco Liner Pen to mark her fabric because she enjoys the precision and ease with which it dusts off when she's done sewing. This project is kid-friendly, and the happy storage cube is perfect for storing extra fabric and notions!

Personalized Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a lovely way to "Share the Joy."  Did you know you can sew on paper or cardstock for a fresh new take on a homemade card? For this project, Patti dove into her scrap bin to create this raw edge applique design on the Baby Lock Joy.  She used the pink Madeira thread from the Genuine Collection Thread Kit to stitch around the edges, and she accented the card with stickers.  These cards would be perfect for Mother's Day, Baby Gifts, and so much more!

Upcycled Spring Placemat

 We love sewing projects that improve our creative space through both function and decor.  Patti created this adorable placemat from a thrift store napkin and some scrap fabrics from her collection.  It’s amazing how well the striped fabrics match the bunny napkin! Simply by adding a divided pocket to the napkin, she transformed it into a cute placemat for extra storage under the Baby Lock Joy!  

Supplies Used
Patti used the Rotary Cutter, Acrylic Ruler, and Self-Healing Mat that come in the Genuine Collection Quilting Kit to cut the fabric and keep everything perfectly square.  She used the standard zig-zag foot to straight stitch the pocket with the Madeira White Thread from the Genuine Collection Thread Kit.   This Bunny Placemat is a great example of how you don’t have to spend much time or money to add a lot of charm to your sewing area.  Does it inspire you to create your own?

Easy Patchwork Pillow

Learning how to sew can be so rewarding.  There is no end to the ways you can improve your home, your wardrobe, and bring happiness to your life and to others! 

This week, Patti whipped up this happy little pillow on the Baby Lock Joy.  Once again, she dove into her leftovers from days gone by and put together a one-of-a-kind pillow from scraps and a sample mini charm pack.

Patti is all about precision, so she pieced the front of her pillow with the ¼” quilting foot that comes in the optional 7 Piece Foot Kit to get a perfect ¼” seam.  She used the adjustable zig-zag stitch as a decorative stitch in white Aerofil Madeira thread found in the Genuine Collection Beginner Sewing Kit to give the front a little more Bohemian charm.  She constructed the pillow using an envelope pillow pattern that we teach in our Intro to Sewing Class.
She did such a wonderful job, and it only took her a few hours.  Imagine what you could create with the Baby Lock Joy!









Be My Valentine

What a sweet way to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

This week, Patti made a cute little mug rug with the Baby Lock Joy.  An avid quilter and crafter, she used various scraps from previous projects. This adorable mug rug features a heart patch from a vintage fabric she’s had in her collection for 20 years!  

Supplies Used
For this project, she used the ¼” quilting foot (included in the
7 Piece Foot Kit) to piece the front. She used the adjustable zig-zag stitch for the decorative applique around the heart.  To quilt the mug rug, she used the stitched-in-the-ditch technique.