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Teen Sewing Classes

Advanced classes for ages 12 to 15.

Teen Intro to Garment Sewing 2.0 (12 - 15)

In this class you will get into the details of a garment sewing pattern. You will learn the differences between pattern styles, what the pattern markings mean and how to transfer them onto your fabric all while sewing your first pair of boxer shorts.
3 hours

Intro to Garment Sewing

Teen Intro to Garment Sewing 3.0 (12 - 15)

In this class you will take your garment sewing experience to the next level by learning to sew with knits! You will work on a pattern to make a Lark Tee out of knit fabric with all the tips and tricks. It will be such a good experience you will want to make Tshirts for everyday of the week.
3 hours

Introduction to Hand Embroidery

Teen Belmont Leggings (12 - 15)

Performance meets style with the Belmont Leggings & Yoga Pants! These are the ultimate wardrobe essential, a pair of full-length leggings with a clean hidden elastic finish or a classic pair of yoga pants featuring a capri length hem and foldover waistband, which can be worn up or down.
3 hours

Introduction to Quilting Level 1

Teen Adrianna Dress (12 - 15)

The Adrianna Dress is an easy to sew dress that makes a big impact! This is a pull on, a-line shift dress that features large statement sleeves brought in at the shoulders and wrists with elastic.
3 hours