I grew up in Atlanta, Texas in the late 60s and 70s where almost any female adult I encountered knew how to sew! My Mother sewed by necessity… clothes, curtains, Barbie clothes, my sister’s wedding dress and trousseau. I became very proficient as an assistant to my Mom; cutting out patterns, ironing fabric, pinning the pattern to fabric and cleaning the house (!) My Mother and Grandmothers were very adept at needlework, i.e embroidery, crewel, needlepoint, cross-stitch, crochet and knitting.   Fast forward to 1993, after the birth of my son, when I decided I needed to learn to sew and bought a close-out Singer. That sat in the closet until 2010 when I discovered the Flickr group of Modern Quilting. Now, seven years and six sewing machines later, I am totally hooked.  

            In my previous 29 years, I have practiced law as a prosecutor and defense attorney with a large part of my practice in juvenile law. I am shutting down that side of my life to concentrate on the creative side that has been semi-dormant all of these years. Besides sewing and quilting, I enjoy embroidery and gardening. I am lucky to have a husband, Tom, and two adult children, Kelsey and Anthony, that support this endeavor. It should be noted that my two dogs, Link and Copper, in no way support my absence during the day.   I am looking forward to meeting all of you and bringing my own eclectic style to Urban Spools.  



I grew up in an artistic household.  My parents always provided opportunities for creativity.  From a young age I can remember trying my hand at wood burning, macrame, rug hooking, painting, drawing, sewing and cooking.  My mother had an old Singer sewing machine on which our clothes were made.  In high school I took home economics as an elective and caught the sewing “bug”.  Since then I’ve loved textiles and am a self professed fabric hoarder.  My best friend and I had a hand made card business that we ran for eight years while our kids grew up.  I also learned a lot about graphic design, silkscreening and printing during this time.  Basically, I love the creative process whether it be sewing, crafting, gardening or playing in the kitchen.



Linda Tucker

I am from Long Beach, California and was a social worker for 25 years.  I worked with the mentally ill population for years and started working with the HIV/AIDS community in West Hollywood in the 1980's.  I decided at the ripe young age of fifty to join the Peace Corps and was in Malaur, Africa for 27 months.  I continued my career with the government until I retired in November of 2015.

I took my first sewing class in the 10th grade.  I made my first pajama bottoms and an apron.  I then took my first quilting class for $10.00 at Long Beach Parks and Recreation for a 6 week class and made a log cabin quilt.  I was hooked and have been sewing ever since!  I made all of my maternity clothes and my son's p.j. bottoms until they were in high school. 

I have continued to sew and I love fabric and the entire process of making a quilt. 


Kara grew up just down the road from Urban Spools!  She is finishing up her Bachelor's degree at University of North Texas.  Kara started embroidering, sewing and making jewelry when she was 10 years old. Nineteen years later, she is obsessed with creating.  Kara loves food, Netflix, English Paper Piecing, COFFEE and her dog Cracker Jack.  Since starting work at Urban Spools, she has also caught the quilting bug!Save