Melissa is a stay-at-home mom to two little girls and loves to sew, quilt, and teach in her free time. She learned to sew in middle school home-ec, but didn't get her first sewing machine until after she graduated college. It actually sat in the box a full year before she got the courage to pull it out and finally re-learn how to use it. She is mad at herself everyday for wasting that year! When Melissa quit her professional career to start her family, she needed a new creative outlet and that is when sewing and quilting took on a major role in her life. Now, Melissa combines her two passions, teaching and sewing, to help others overcome the fear of opening the sewing machine box!

You can find out more about Melissa and what she is up to on her blog, My Fabric Relish.


At age five, Susan’s mother taught her to thread a needle and make a running stitch. Before long, she had taken over the sewing machine. Growing up, Susan’s interests included textiles, drawing, design, and a broad range of arts and crafts. While raising three busy children and running an insurance business with her husband, her hobbies expanded to include digital drawing, web authoring, and computer technology.

Yearning for a career using her creative talents, Susan was smitten after discovering the combination of her creative joys in one activity – long arm quilting! Fabric, drawing, design, and sewing all in one complete package was simply too enticing to resist, and soon she was happily partnered with her HQ Fusion® and HQ Pro-Stitcher®. Mastering Pro-Stitcher and Art and Stitch, and seeking innovative ways to use both, Susan now enjoys quilting professionally with the HQ Infinity®.

Susan believes she was meant to quilt, and she relishes any opportunity to share her love and knowledge of the craft with others. She lives in Central Texas with her husband, Mike, and their two pups.



 Chelsey learned how to sew in middle school but after falling in love with a quilt made out of 1930's fabric at a local fabric store 7 years ago she dove into the world of quilting. One 30's reproduction Jelly Roll and some yardage later (with the assistance of her mother) Chelsey created her first quilt and hasn't stopped sewing since. Broadening her scope of creativity Chelsey discovered Modern Quilting and now mostly considers herself to be a "Modern Quilter" even though she still keeps vintage fabric in her stash!
   On a normal day you can find Chelsey repairing musical instruments full time at a local store while filling her lunch break with handwork, embroidery, crochet, and even quilting. Combining her love of crafting with her education degree Chelsey is happy to be creating new crafters at Urban Spools. Also, she's pretty sure one day crafters will take over the world.



Ella has been sewing since she was little girl, taught by her mother who insisted on making Halloween costumes. She has an MFA in Design for Theatre with a background in costume and lighting design. Now she works at Fossil as a visual merchandiser and has time to sew for herself! Sewing has been a life long passion and Ella loves to share it with others.